【模範解答】IELTS Task2 Band 7.0 Model Essay1


・University College London修士課程修了(Distinction)

前職:小中学校教員 / 日本語教師
趣味:旅行 / ヨガ / 温泉めぐり
英語:IELTS7.5 / TOEIC 900







Model Essay1 課題

Some people believe that being involved in a sports club at school takes valuable time away from studies. Others feel that a student can learn many important lessons from participating in sports. Discuss both of these views and give your opinion.

エッセー (written by Saya)

In some schools, students are encouraged to participate in sports clubs after school. While some think these sports activities are beneficial for students as they can learn essential skills such as co-operation skills, others believe that students may have insufficient time to study if they attend sports clubs. Personally, I agree with the latter statement because the education period is a limited time of life.

On the one hand, some think that sports activities can teach the importance of co-operation to students. For instance, team sports, such as soccer and basketball need to discuss tactics with teammates and support each other to win games. Regarding the real workplace, most duties require corporation with colleagues to succeed in their projects. Hence, sports are essential because students can learn how to corporate with others and this skill would be useful once they start working.

On the other hand, it is argued that a students’ period is limited, therefore they are expected to study harder for their future careers. In Japan, university degrees are highly valued when people look for jobs. For this reason, students are encouraged to enroll in prestigious universities since they are young. As university entrance examinations are held only once a year, students should spend their time committing to studies instead of playing sports which can be done at any stage of life.

In conclusion, whether attending sport activities while being a student or not is a controversial debate. While some people think sports activities are beneficial as they teach students how to corporate with others, I think students should spend their time studying harder for their future careers. This is because the education period is limited and their efforts during this time can determine their future.

287 word


encourage to 〜

  • encourage to 〜:〜をするように勇気付ける / 〜をするように奨励する

(ex) I encourage you to study English.


essential skills

  • essential skills:必須技術 / 必須能力

(ex) The English command skill is one of the essential skills.


such as 〜

  • such as 〜:〜のような / 〜といった

(ex) I like fruits such as apples and banana.


such as 〜を使って、例えを出してあげた方が、読み手が分かりやすい文章を書くことができますよ!ぜひ、IELTS writingでは1回は使いたい言葉です。

On the one hand / On the other hand

  • On the one hand 〜:一方で
  • On the other hand〜:他方で
Body1の文章の始まりをOn the one hand / Body2の文章の始まりをOn the other handにすると、advantage / disadvantageなど二つの視点を書く時の文章を書けます。反対の考えを書かなければいけない時に、使いましょう! 

prestigious universities

  • prestigious universities:有名大学 / 一流大学
Personal statementで、出願先の大学を褒め称える表現をするときに、ぜひ使ってみてください。

whether 〜or not

whether 〜or not :〜かどうか

(ex)Please tell me whether I should go to see him or not.


whether 〜or notは、whether or notと語順を変えても使えます。なので、以上に示した例は、Please tell me whether or not I should go to seem him.でもOKです。

a controversial debate

a controversial debate:論議を醸す討論内容

(ex) This is a global issue that may cause a controversial debate.